Your website is original PASSED! or Chinese fake ERROR!

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Your website is Chinese ERROR fake or original PASSED?



Do you think that your website truly represents your business and your personal image?

And you know that even the modern and nice websites are full of the wrong code. Sometimes causing considerable to damage!

Sites contain erroneous code that is not valid according to international standards.

This certainly undermines the reputation and prestige of each major and smaller companies, although ordinary layman can not understand it at all and has no information about it.

The most famous web-site inspector is

w3c validator - can be found at: http://validator.w3.org/

CSS validator at: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/, they will check and display all errors,

http://fae.cita.uiuc.edu/, evaluation of the functional accessibility for visually impaired and blind

http://wave.webaim.org/, evaluation and testing of the functional accessibility for visually impaired and blind

To test how it works in practice?

Let's see, we randomly chose some webdesign addresses and write them into the Validator - http://validator.w3.org and what we see today came from the validator:

Measured: Sunday, 28.04.2013 at 11.30

http://www.cnn.com - 301 Errors, 107 warning (s)

http://www.dubai.com - 42 Errors, 12 warning (s)

http://www.barackobama.com - 21 Errors, 1 warning (s) aha - that U.S. President USA! Reputation American consumerism!

http://www.sheikhmohammed.co.ae - 254 Errors, 289 warning (s) icon Arabian Business!

http://www.telegraph.co.uk - 255 Errors, 108 warning (s) newspapers and news

http://www.bbc.co.uk - Passed! CONGRATULATIONS!

http://www.parishilton.com - 6 Errors tabloid millionaire chick

http://www.mtv.com - 75 Errors, 5 warning (s)

https://www.paypal.com - 18 Errors, 3 warning (s) the most famous internet pay wallet! CAUTION MONEY!

http://www.moneybookers.com - 41 Errors, 13 warning (s) most famous Internet wallet! CAUTION MONEY!

http://www.simonakrainova.cz - 20 Errors, 1 warning (s)

http://www.azet.sk - 59 Errors, 51 warning (s) no see ...

http://www.dubnaskala.sk - Passed! CONGRATULATIONS!

http://www.holidayinn.sk - 167 Errors, 15 warning (s)

http://www.inzerat.sk - 92 Errors, 161 warning (s)

http://www.rekonstrukce-tomsik.cz - Passed! CONGRATULATIONS!

http://www.cas.sk - 57 Errors, 25 warning (s)

http://www.vlada.gov.sk - 3 Errors Government Office should be an example, but it is not. represents all the citizens of the Slovak Republic! 3 errors?? Ooops!

Finally it best:

http://www.prezident.sk - 6 Errors?? but it is a shame, why not president Passed?? Last year we measured and it was Passed, this year has not it?

We have selected only a few examples, but is more laid Errors thousands of pages, one thing is clear something is wrong in the development and manufacture.

The main point is that of the general public, nor the publisher can not and does not understand it at all!

Today there are many companies and handymen that produce web-site for a minimum price, such as amateur radio is a mushroom after rain.

For someone unpopular revelations for someone perfect solution.

But - you entrust to such producers in the hands of the prestige and reputation of your business, you build up over the years??

It's a well thought through and prefer to invest larger amount of money for quality work.

The question is - Are you ashamed of your web-site with the wrong code, or you do not care? And why exactly?

To make it happen did not find your trading partners and nevysmial you?

Or just because you were not willing to pay for professional flawless and a valid webpage larger amount of money and so you decided to invest a modest amount at the expense of quality.

That means in layman's like when you buy a cheap Chinese imitation, which, although it works, but ...

Have you now that even your web-page contains an error code? We can change all this?

Remedy is always possible, sometimes less is needed - sometimes more demanding operations, but sometimes the solution is just a complete change and transformation of the site.

Worse case is if you are a celebrity or an important person, you still have an eye on each and spurs all your shortcomings, and thus also for your internet ...

You will immediately become a mockery to do and you lose image!

But the public sector, politicians, government agencies, personal pages celebrities are flawless and made ​​to establish them considerable funds.

one is surprised when it finds that a celebrity has full web erroneous Errors and celebrity while she does not even know!

And maybe they do not know they are amateurs, as the celebrity website develop ... cha cha.

So let's get to change, create creature creatures, especially Passed! - flawless and Blind Friendly Web Site ...



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